The DASH Challenge

Today is somewhat of a milestone for me. Yes, I am fully aware that today is Valentine’s Day. Rather than talk about this sometimes cheerful day, I am choosing to focus on a more personal topic. As I reflect on this date, February 14, 2020 I am taken back to a poem written by Linda Ellis called The Dash that was shared with me many years ago by a close friend. Today is sort of a “dash” day in my life. From this date, I am now 145 days out from my 4 year “Stroke anniversary. From my perspective I was given a new dash on July 8, 2016 when I nearly lost my life to an ischemic stroke. Starting today I am making a commitment to live the next 145 days AND BEYOND with a kind and selfless heart.I challenge you to make the same commitment. Not for me but for yourself, for your family, your co-workers, and for those you impact every day. It could be the waiter or waitress that you interact with at the restaurant you go to for dinner. My goal is to make a positive impact on at least 5 people each day. Whether it be in word or deed I want to impact at least 5 people per day. Will you join me in this challenge? If yes, please leave a comment letting me know that you are in. Hopefully, in 145 days on July 8, 2020 I will be celebrating not just 1,460 days of an extended dash but an opportunity that God has given me to change the world!