How Fast Does CoQ10 Work?

CoQ10 supplements are often considered a miracle drug. This idea stems from the fact that the enzyme can help with a variety of medical conditions. It can be beneficial to people with cardiovascular problems and chronic fatigue without any side effects.

But the question is how quickly can you feel the benefits of CoQ10 supplements? In general, this enzyme works quite fast and it should help you feel better after just a few weeks. Though there’s more to it than meets the eye.

To ensure you get the fastest possible results, you need to be aware of your health condition, determine the right dosage, and consider some dietary changes.

How Fast Does CoQ10 Work for Different People and Conditions?

As previously hinted, CoQ10 supplements can help with a number of health conditions.

CoQ10 may help with various heart diseases like angina pectoris and heart failure. There are multiple studies that support this. For example, taking 100 g of CoQ10 every day for 12 weeks resulted in better blood flow in the heart failure patients. And the angina patients felt less pain since CoQ10 reoxygenates heart muscles.

Twelve weeks might sound like a lot of time but this is the standard duration for most small-scale scientific studies. And the same time frame applies to this study which investigated the benefits of CoQ10 for diabetes patients.

After three months of taking 100 g of CoQ10 every day, the final results showed significant improvement in the patients, including lower blood sugar, reduced insulin resistance, and oxidative stress markers. But the benefits of CoQ10 are not limited to patients with chronic diseases.

This enzyme is part of the energy production process in the body and can increase athletic performance in much less than 12 weeks. To be precise, a 6-week study in Germany concluded that the athletes who took 300 mg of CoQ10 every day showed significant improvement in athletic performance.

What’s more, CoQ10 supplementation can help non-athletes build strength and lessen fatigue. The abovementioned studies took weeks to conclude but this doesn’t mean you have to wait that long for the positive effects to kick in. Most people feel better after just a couple of weeks into taking CoQ10.

How to Properly Dose CoQ10

The correct dosage is one of the key elements in determining how fast CoQ10 works. Athletes tend to get the best results from taking 300 mg of CoQ10 daily, which might be too much for other people.

For non-athletes, the usual range is 90 mg to 200 mg. But the right amount is mostly an individual thing and can depend on various factors. People with health conditions and seniors might start with a higher dose of CoQ10 and reduce the amount after a couple of weeks.

Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to consult your physician about the proper dosage. This is especially if you are taking other drugs that may interact with CoQ10.

In general, people take the entire daily dose of CoQ10 with their breakfast. But it can also be split and taken with two or more meals throughout the day. Again, your physician may have more insight into the frequency.

Change of Dietary Habits

A switch in your dietary habits might expedite the beneficial effects of CoQ10. In addition, most of these foods also help improve general well-being and keep your vital organs healthy.

Meat eaters should go for the hearts and livers of organic pork and beef. And there is no need to consume these meats every day; a couple of meals every week should be more than enough to do the trick. People who don’t eat meats shouldn’t despair since there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

CoQ10-rich veggies include sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, parsley, and garlic, to name but a few. You can’t go wrong with walnuts, peanuts, and sesame seeds either, though the CoQ10 content is somewhat lower. Pescatarians and other fish-lovers can enjoy herring and mackerel for a reinvigorating CoQ10-packed meal.

These foods can be taken together with your regular CoQ10 supplements. There is very little risk of taking too much CoQ10 but it wouldn’t hurt to consult with your physician or a dietary expert.

A healthy mix of CoQ10 supplements, veggies, fish, and some meats should make you feel much better in a matter of days. But remember, it might take CoQ10 at least a couple of weeks to get in full swing.


Some people may feel the better within the first week of taking CoQ10, but don’t expect it to be a quick fix. This enzyme takes time to build up in your body and the absorption can be influenced by various factors.

In the end, the effectiveness of CoQ10 is more important than the speed.